Race Information

The Alpine Energy 10 Hour Mountain Bike Race is a continuous relay race over 10 hours.  Most participants ride it in a team but there is a ten hour solo section - totally on your own for 10 hours!.  There's also a six hour solo section.  And we feature a 10 hour single speed solo section.

There are various categories catering for competitive and social teams including the Corporate Print Challenge section, plus a Junior (under 15 riders). There is no six hour team option..

The race has all types and all levels of riders from social, through to competitive, and those taking on an individual or team challenge.

Download a course map here The course will largely be the same as 2020 - but some adjustments will be made to incorporate new track and other changes that may be required because of track conditions.

For those of you who have never done a Mountain Bike Relay before here's a brief outline of what you can expect at the Alpine Energy 10 Hour.

  • 10 hour teams and 10 hour solos ride from 9am - 7pm
  • 6 hour solos ride from 1pm - 7pm
  • One lap of the main course is a loop of about 9-10 km 
  • Only one rider from each team goes round the course at any one time
  • Teams decide what order their team members ride in and how many laps each team member rides as long as all members of the team must ride at least one lap
  • Each team gets a race number (if you change bikes during the race it is up to you to move your race number to your new bike)
  • Each team gets a team velcro ankle transponder
  • Each team is allocated an 8m x 5m ‘transition/tent site' - the course goes past every transition site
  • Six hour solo riders get a smaller site but can set up between 9am and 12pm
  • Riders in each team ‘change' over at their transition site where they change arm band that is worn by the rider during their whole lap
  • The rider on the course is timed when they have completed their lap
  • The idea is to complete as many laps as possible in the 10 hours, the teams in each category who do the most laps WIN
  • Solo riders will have a yellow tag under their seat so other riders can identify them on the course.

Bring with you

  • Your bike in good working order plus spares to keep you going for the whole of the race
  • Cycle clothing for both hot and cold weather
  • Plenty of hydration and food to keep you going for the day
  • Family and friends to hang out with and support you during the day/night
  • $$$ to purchase freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolates- the coffee cart will be onsite all day
  • On-site food - bring some extra cash to enjoy the delights of freshly made hot food and cold drinks
  • We'll be riding well past the changeover to daylight saving the twilight will bejust starting to settle in from around 7:30pm so you won't need lights.

Transition/Camping Sites
The transition/camping site is centrally located in the middle of the course on the grass area beside the lake.  Each team or solo rider is allocated a transition site.  This year please select your own site.

Sites are approximately 8m x 5m.  Please advise on the entry form if you require a camp site for a caravan or a tent and if you intend sharing your site with others. Also let us know if you will have a marquee larger than the standard site size.  We do have flexibility but it helps us if we now in advance.

There are no actual camping facilities except toilets and fresh water.

We encourage you to establish your camp site early (preferably on Friday night.  You can establish your transition site between 3pm - 8pm on Friday night or on race day from 6am – 8am.  You can camp overnight at your transition site on Friday and Saturday.  There is no security overnight but there will be others camping overnight.

The park gates get locked at night time for your security. The gates into Centennial Park will be locked at 10pm on Friday night and unlocked at 6am Saturday morning.  On Saturday night they will be locked at about 11pm and unlocked on Sunday morning at 6am.  You cannot drive into/out of the park when the gates are locked.

All transition sites must be established by 8am on race day.

At your tent site you can set up gas BBQs, gas cookers, chairs, cocktail cabinets, big screen TVs, even spa pools.  We encourage you to decorate your site.  You may park a vehicle on your transition site but it and any tents etc. must fit into the 8m x 5m area without encroaching on your neighbours.  From 8.30am onwards - once your vehicle is in, it cannot be removed until after the race.

For 6 Hour Solo Riders we have a special transition area for you that is accessible by vehicle during the race, but you need to be set up by 1.30pm.  Your transition sites are about the size of a 4WD vehicle.  If you are 6 hour solo rider and are sharing a site with a 10 hour team, then you will not be able to drive onto the site after 8.30am.

Basically the tent village becomes a very, very social hub, for relaxing, chatting to mates, cheering on your team and all the others. It would help us and any supporters coming out to visit you during the race if you could ID your team site, i.e. hang a sign with your team name on it, a flag, item of clothing, banner, team mascot etc.

Transition sites need to be fully dismantled by 12 noon on Sunday and you need to take all your own rubbish away with you.

PRIZE GIVING There's a chance to have a few celebration refreshments before prize giving which is at 7.30pm).

Race Registration/Race Pack Pick-Up:
Pre-Race Registration/Race Pack Pickup is at The Cyclery, 106 Stafford St, Timaru.  Registration starts at Friday 12 noon and runs through until 8pm.  It would really help us if as many people as possible could visit the The Cyclery to pick up your race packs.  There is one pack for each team or each solo rider, so all team members do not need to register.

If you don’t get to register on Friday then you can collect your race pack on Saturday at Centennial Park.  The race HQ is in the middle of the park – follow Quarry Road through the park and you will see the signs.  Official registration is from 7am – 8am.  You must be registered by 8.00am at the absolute latest. Compulsory rider briefing is at 8.45am.  Racing starts at 9am.

6 Hour Solo Riders  - You can register at the above times or from 11am - 12pm on race day at the Race HQ.

Race Day Timetable



Centennial Park Gates Open

7am – 8am

Registration at Event HQ, Centennial Park

7am – 8am

Transition site set up


Course open for pre-race riding


Compulsory briefing for all riders in 10 hour teams or solo


10 Hour race start


Compulsory briefing for all riders in 6 hour solo


6 Hour race start


12 Hour race finish – last lap must be started by 8.45pm

6 Hour race finish – last lap must be started by 6.45pm


Prize Giving


Centennial Park Gates Locked for the night


Riding Rules
HELMET (compulsory item) All riders must wear a cycle helmet while competing, warming up or if just riding around the venue area.

– for your own safety and enjoyment and that of other competitors, please have your bike serviced pre race so it is in race ready condition. We recommend you service your bike at The Cyclery - call in and see them - they will give you a great deal.

ON THE DAY BIKE REPAIRS / SPARE PARTS ETC –there may ‚Äč be a limited service centre for on the day bike repairs. It's best if you bring your own spares etc. 

FIRST AID – On site.

BIKE BREAKDOWNS If a rider has a mechanical problem, they must complete the lap they are on and make it back to the transition point (yes this means by foot if necessary pushing or carrying your bike).

RIDER INJURIES If a rider is injured and can't complete the lap, another team member may start that same lap again after gaining approval from the timekeepers.

CHEATING You must pass within two metres of an arrow or course marker. Failure to do this (e.g. taking short cuts) constitutes cheating. Similarly while encourage competitive racing, we do not permit unnecessarily rough riding.  We have fixed and mobile race marshals who will patrol the course and have the authority to issue warnings and penalties.
This will result in 1) 1st warning and a two minute stand down, 2) 2nd warning – lose a lap 3) 3rd warning - disqualification from the race.

TIMING You will be timed as you pass through the start/finish line at the completion of each lap.  Laps must be completed by 7pm to count.